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Based on our international experience and technology iBuilder , created a ready-to- implement products range from business processes , document flow (workflow ) , budgeting , customer service , sales and HR


eXant ECM

Enterprise content management - workflow

A multilingual and integrated system for the management of the electronic workflow of documents, task handling and for the streamlining of information flows within an organisation.

ECM provides the user with the capability to design workflow processes to suit the needs of the company. Lower administration costs, improve productivity and hence profit.

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eXant BPM

Business Process Management

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eXant HRM

Human Resource Management

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eXant BCS

Budgeting & Controlling System

The system provides a complex support for the whole process of budgeting the company or enterprise (project).

The system allows to largely improve the process of budget preparation by many departments and people simultaneously.

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eXant B2B

e-comemrce platform

eXant B2B e-commerce is a complex and multilingual platform used to automate sale processes between trade partners and clients.

The system ensures support for sales, providing opportunity to manage product catalogues, price lists, discount policies, ordering process and tracking contracts implementation.

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eXant CRM

Customer Relationship Management

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