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eXant BPM (Business Process Management) is a highly efficient and flexible workflow engine that supports the management of business processes in any company or organisation. The platform enables, and supports, Managers and IT functions to model optimal business procedures through the ordering and automation of typically manual intensive practices.

The system permits the creation of any business application that is driven by the need to manage and monitor information flows. eXant BPM is a perfect solution to support business process optimisation, where co-ordination, monitoring and control of multiple tasks is necessary. Processes are undertaken simultaneously by many departments and employees, and across decentralised organisations.

The system is fully integrated with eXant ECM (Enterprise Content Management), which enables its use not only to model any task-based business processes, but also to implement electronic document workflow.

Main business advantages

Increased efficiency

Increased work efficiency resulting from continual improvement of business processes and procedures in the organisation. Elimination of manual work tasks to reduce time-consuming tasks, to minimise errors and to save costs, leading to profitable business growth.

Increased clarity

Efficient monitoring of business processes within an organisation. Supports ongoing decision making based on real time analysis and platform derived, intelligent business reports.

Increased quality

Ensures consistency and integrity of information at all times. Minimises, and enables identification of, mistakes. Reduces company costs and supports improved customer service provision through standardisation and automation of procedures.

An adaptable platform to meet an ever changing business environment

The system enables companies to rapidly change procedures to meet most business conditions. The flexibility of the Workflow Designer platform simplifies, and speeds up, the change process.

Identification and elimination of bottlenecks

Possibility to analyse business processes on an ongoing basis and to eliminate bottlenecks. Gathering information about those processes which need improvement, acceleration and greater automation.

Increased security

Guarantees a high security level with regards to the accessing of information, through the controlled limiting of access to data by individual, department or group. Enables changes to be tracked to ensure continual compliance with company policies.

Functionalities of eXant BPN

Workflow designer of business process definitions

The system enables independent and user-friendly creation and modification of business processes with the use of workflow designer.

Designing diagrams is based on elements of BPMN, and the processes themselves are stored in files with xpdl extension. The workflow system is based on an intuitive graphic interface and the method of drag and drop. To manage business processes no computer programming knowledge is necessary.

Graficzny modeler definicji procesów biznesowych
Intuitive task management

The system has been developed to provide an intuitive interface for managing employee tasks. It is possible to group tasks according to processes and to manually or automatically start new processes. The system also supports teamwork on tasks. A mobile access to the list of tasks increases work efficiency and accelerates access to information.
Intuicyjne zarządzanie zadaniami
Możliwość projektowania i korzystania z równoległych ścieżek informacji i dokumentów
designing and using parallel paths of information and documents

The system supports the creation of parallel paths for business processes and the electronic workflow of tasks and documents. This enables a given piece of information, or a document, to be amended or accepted simultaneously by more than one person. Such a function significantly speeds up the whole workflow process. For example, the purchase invoice management system enables simultaneous acceptance of given lines on an invoice by assigned personnel.

High data access security level

eXant BPM provides the highest data access security levels. Thanks to a complex mechanism of permissions and access control only certain user groups may have access to a given process, a piece of information or even a single data field. It is therefore possible to model and start a critical process across the organisation with limited, controlled access to any given piece of information.

Compliance with corporate order through versioning of information and data

Thanks to registering history of changes, the system allows to prove that business processes are run in compliance with the accepted organizational rules and the corporate order.

The platform guarantees support for versioning information and data (history of changes – each version of data has information about the author, the date of modification as well as a comment regarding the change, preview and/or a chance to return to any previous version).

All actions performed by users are registered in the system by logs. The actions performed on processes, information and documents are additionally carefully registered (including the history of changes in values of given fields), and the documents are versioned.

Monitoring, pomiar (KPI) i analiza procesów biznesowych
Monitoring, kpi measurement and business processes analysis

The system provides an easy-to-use interface with reports which enable the analysis of individual business processes. Thanks to the analysis of KPI measurements, managers may analyze bottlenecks and information flow times on an ongoing basis, so that making decisions about changes is quick and efficient. Notifications and alerts, as well as the possibility to act in a non-standard way allow authorized personnel to control exceptions and fast escalation of any possible problems.

Otwarta integracja z systemami zewnętrznymi
Open integration with external systems

Both eXant BPM and eXant ECM perfectly integrate with other business applications, for instance ERP, as well as external systems. The platform is equipped with ready-made solutions to integrate with SAP, Oracle EBS, IFS, MS Dynamics, Sage Symfonia, Comarch, TETA and many more.

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