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We combine advanced technology in such a way that our solutions are easy to adapt to the needs of our customers , easy to integrate with external systems , and fun to use for users .

iBuilder platform

iBuilder creates an access point and a place for sharing knowledge among employees, management board, clients, partners and deliverers.

iBuilder ilustracja

The platform allows to build innovative e-solutions for companies of various business profiles. iBuilder is a complex tool which may be adjusted to a given branch of business. ASP.NET technology and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is used with project implementation.
It can be connected to ERP system to download and upload data needed to the implementation of business tasks.

Features of iBuilder

iBuilder connects knowledge and technology, creating a platform ideal for building dedicated e-solutions within a reasonable investment budget.

iBuilder InfoCentre
Managing structure and content of created solutions – safety

The system of safety control ensures that information and document are available only for specified addressees. The ease of content publication (CMS) enables not only IT workers to become publishers, but also people with competences and knowledge on a given subject.

iBuilder e-Documents
Management of business processess and their automation – workflow

iBuilder has been equipped in an advanced Workflow engine which enables automation of any business processes from all areas. Workflow is based on tasks, not statuses, which enables defining documents workflow, but also any task processes among people and external systems, for example regarding e-commerce, e-procurement or soft HR.

iBuilder e-HR
Designing parallel paths of information and documents

The system enables creating parallel workflow paths, which means that a given document or piece of information may be accessible for many people at the same time in particular parts (for example for completion or acceptance), which in turn allows to significantly accelerate workflow time. For example, in case of a cost invoice the system allows assigned people to simultaneously accept their lines of the invoice

iBuilder e-Procurement
Full history of changes and process

The platform guarantees support for versioning information and data (history of changes – each version of data has information about the author, date of modification and a comment regarding the change, possibility of preview and/or return to any previous version)
. All actions performed by users are registered in the system by logs. Actions on documents are additionally registered in detail (including the history of changing values of individual fields), and the documents are versioned.

iBuilder e-Sales

Ibuilder makes it possible to include an unlimited number of users, subpages, functionalities and document workflow. The platform, due to its modular structure, ensures the opportunity to expand the system with new functionalities in case of the company's development. The platform is used to build both B2C systems for example city portals and B2B (e-commerce).

iBuilder e-PR
Dynamic reports

A business user may prepare reports on the basis of a database with graphic interface (no knowledge of programming or SQL is necessary to prepare a report). By choosing tables and columns and introducing criteria, grouping and sorting to the report, the user prepares ready-made data exports. Then, to individual exports the final form of a report is prepared in MS Excel (report template). Based on this, finished reports ready to execute (a list of reports to execute) and Drill Down diagrams.

iBuilder e-Management
Graphic process and workflow designer

The system enables creating and modifying workflow by means of a graphic modeler. Designing diagrams is based on elements of BPMN, and the processes themselves are stored in files with xpdl extension. The system is based on an intuitive graphic interface. To manage document workflow no programming knowledge is necessary. Thus, the time needed for elaborating or changing workflow is significantly shortened.

iBuilder e-IT
Standardization of functionalities and controls

This feature influences high quality of dedicated solutions, which are adjusted to the clients' individual needs. eXant specializes in industry solutions, and iBuilder solves complicated problems in the area of sales, management, HR or workflow. The platform uses the latest technologies, which makes it very efficient.


MS SQL Server

iBuilder uses MS SQL Server, which allows to create solutions also of strategic importance, as it is a highly efficient “in-memory” technology in the area of OLTP, data storage, business analysis, without the necessity to buy expensive additions of high-end equipment.


iBuilder is based on ASP. NET, i.e. a set of technologies based on Microsoft framework. It is used to build various internet applications, also such as XML Web Services. C# language was used in programming.


The new version of iBuilder – 3.0 – uses AngularJS, i.e. an open library of JavaScript, supported by Google. Those libraries help create and develop internet applications on a single web page. Thanks to that iBuilder is user-friendly and easy to use.



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