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For our customers, we launched a platform eXantCare system management and service deployments . You may find everything that helps to manage the project implemented with eXant and represents the primary form of communication with customers.

What is eXant Care?

Every change of status, assigning resources or a new document is immediately visible on the eXant Care homepage.

Tasks are given their unique number, so that it is quick and easy to track them or find them on the platform via a search engine.

System updates

System update is performed on the basis of a license granted and main version of the system.

Documentation and knowledge
Documentation and knowledge

The best possible control of the project is granted by means of proper documentation and database.

Implementation service

Put-to-order and gathered in one place information on the project, resources, documents and tasks.

communication and support
Communication and support

Access to the system and the possibility to make comments related to the functioning of the system.

What does eXant Care provide?

Fast information workflow

After defining recipient groups, a message may be send by a click. Notifications immediately reach the people who should receive them.

Adjusting capabilities to needs

Each employee has their own view in the panel and access to information and tools important from their professional point of view.

Building company's image

Creating an attractive portal of web page for trade partners is fast, easy and pleasant. There is no need to hire a graphic designer or a programmer.

Protecting key information from being lost

Key data are stored in a special database. There is no risk that they will be lost, and employees have constant access to them.

Always getting important messages

Thanks to exceptional panels and a personalized view, it is not possible to miss the most important announcements.

Updated information about the project

All key information about the project being implemented are available in one place.

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