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eXant B2B e-commerce is a complex and multilingual platform used to automate sale processes between trade partners and clients.

The system ensures support for sales, providing opportunity to manage product catalogues, price lists, discount policies, ordering process and tracking contracts implementation. Integration with external systems (for example ERP) and automation of sale processes allows to accelerate customer and partner service and to reduce costs, and at the same time to increase income.

In the area of finance, the system allows to browse through partners' accounting documents, to support payment management and debt recovery, as well as provides numerous financial reports such as the amount of liabilities and their projection in time.

The system also provides support in the area of logistics, where it is possible to manage authorization to receive, delivery addresses, drivers and vehicles, as well as to browse information related to road and rail transport.

eXant B2B e-commerce has integrated mechanisms with ERP-class solutions, such as SAP, Oracle BS, MS Dynamics, IFS etc. and thus is perfect for medium-sized and large companies for which safety and efficiency of the solution is crucial.

Key business advantages

Saving time and optimizing costs

Automated process of ordering and making offers. Thanks to a self-service mode, fewer queries from partners and increased volume of sales without cost-intensive servicing of orders.

Improvement of the whole process of sales and service

Direct and safe access to updated information for partners at any time, any day and from any place in the world. Full history of orders, invoices and receipts and insight into implementation status.

Efficient communication and access to full knowledge

Possibility to adjust the appearance of the platform to specific needs, so that the image and improved communication are constantly built. Efficient multilingual channel of communication with trade partners, thanks to the possibility of placing any information, such as new products, information about delivery, manuals, regulations etc.

Functionalities of eXant B2B

Product catalogue, price lists and discounts

The system enables efficient management of product catalogue and supports personalized pricing and discount policy for partners. An intuitive and adjusted to visual identification look of the catalogue is easy to use for partners, enabling them a fast choice of products and further placement of orders.

The process of placing orders

Thanks to integrated workflow engine, the process of orders may be adjusted to individual needs, including integration with external solutions, for example ERP. Thus, before a partner places an order, the system may check trade limit, trade receivables or promotions, and on the basis of that information take the process accordingly forward.

Documents and financial reports

The system ensures safe access to financial data and reports about partners, coming from the finance and accounting system. Among others, it enables: browsing through accounting documents connected to a given order, insight into history, reports on balance of commitments etc. Thanks to the mechanism of notifications, the system sends alerts to partners about payment deadlines and outdated documents.

Support in the area of logistics

The system provides support in the area of logistics, enabling the management of authorizations to receive, delivery addresses, drivers and vehicles, as well as browsing through information related to road and rail transport.

Marketing actions

The system allows to adjust the look of the platform to individual needs, so as to constantly build the image of the company and better communication. The solution provides multilingual channel of communication with trade partners, thanks to possible placing any information, such as new products, new promotions and offers, surveys, manuals, regulations etc.

Complaints and returns

Integrated Workflow system allows to create and manage the process of complaints, returns, tracking of processes in progress as well as dedicated after sales support. Thanks to that and to the mechanism of reminders and alerts, employees have full control over deadlines and the whole process.

KPI, reports and analyses

The system has integrated and automatically updated reports and statistics which allow to control the process of orders and service for partners. Additionally, the system enables the implementation of monitoring reports. Defining key indicators (KPI) and alerts about exceedance causes automatic sending of reports and statements, for example in the form of an attachment, to previously defined e-mail addresses or via text messages with a link to the report.


Thanks to an open application program interface (API), the system enables efficient integration with other business applications, for example ERP-class solutions and external systems. Thus, information exchange is possible, about trade partners, products, finance documents and many more. The system is equipped in ready-made solutions to integrate with such solutions as SAP, Oracle EBS, IFS, MS Dynamics, Sage Symfonia, Comarch, TETA.

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