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eXant HRM

eXant HRM (Human Resource Management) is a ready made personnel portal, supporting human resource management and soft HR.

The system ensures a complete access to knowledge about employees – their professional profiles, remunerations, competences, training, evaluations and submitted requests or documents. It is however not only a database for staff, but it also allows employees to submit and handle electronic requests, such as leave requests, expense settlements or training requests and so on.

eXant HRM is also a great solution for HR staff. The system enables the management of the whole process of recruitment, starting from creating an ad, to its publication and creation of candidates' profiles and their assessment. Moreover, thanks to the support with managing employees' competence profiles, development paths and training as well as an electronic employees' reviews, the HR department saves time and improves their work.

The interface of the system is easy to use and to access from an internet browser, mobile phone or interactive kiosk, which is a perfect solution for production companies.

Key business advantages

Timesaving and optimization
of costs

Eliminating time-consuming, expensive and error-prone routine work. thanks to the possibility of self-service, fewer queries from workers are directed to HR department and paper documentation is substantially reduced.

Improvement of the whole employee management process

Ensuring work over the whole process of managing employees (from the recruitment process to contract termination), and not just dividing it into separate tasks. thanks to this the HR department has access to all cross-cutting information, which enables top-down management.

Efficient communication and access to full knowledge

Guarantee of personal data being complete and updated in the system thanks to an efficient flow of data between employees and HR department. direct and safe access to information for employees from all over the world. lesser workload for hr, thanks to automated updates of employees' files and electronic workflow of requests and other documents.

Functionalities of eXant HRM


The system enables workers to safely access their cross-cutting data from human resources and payroll department and from eXant HRM. on one screen such information as post card, employment record, remuneration, leave record, expenses, health and safety, rcp data and many more is provided.


The system allows to register all equipment and resources assigned to a given worker. thanks to that, the HR department is able to control and manage resources base with their detailed description, as well as the process of assigning resources and deadlines for returns.

Organizational structure and phone and address book

The system enables the presentation of organizational structure divided into departments, divisions and posts. thanks to a complex phone and address book, it is easy to look up employees, their contact data and place in the organizational structure.

Managing recruitment

The functionality of recruitment supports the process connected to enrolling candidates for certain posts in the company (from creating an ad, to selecting and choosing the right candidate). the system enables management of database for recruitment, candidates and ads.

eXant HRM allows to create an ad and then to publish it on the website and portal, so that applications sent by candidates can be automatically registered. moreover, the system allows to run e-tests and evaluate candidates, supporting the recruiter in the process.

Managing training

The system supports the HR department in the area of training processes. this functionality includes the process of planning, conducting and evaluating training. it also allows to manage training paths, assigning them to given employees and connecting them to competence profiles. thanks to the possibility of creating and implementing tests and surveys online, HR workers may control their quality and assess employee satisfaction. moreover, the system enables creating and managing databases of training companies, which helps to gather all information about potential training organizers, trainers and events.

Competences and post descriptions

The system enables creating and managing database of post descriptions and competence profiles with their optional assigning to employees. The integration with a database of employees and candidates with search option allows to quickly match worker or candidate profile to required competences, which speeds up the recruitment process. On the other hand, connecting competence profiles to training paths allows to plan and order the process of employee development.

Employee review

eXant HRM is a great tool to support the process of employee reviews in the company. It allows to define and configure the types and review questionnaires for evaluating employees, and then to create review charts and implement the review process online. The system allows to monitor and control the process of reviews on the basis of defined reports. It may also be based on post descriptions and competence profiles as defined in eXant HRM, but it may be used independently, to evaluate work efficiency, the level of task completion and many more.

Leaves and replacements

eXant HRM allows to make the workflow of leave request more efficient, as well as to plan and manage leaves. The system supports the workflow of leave requests of any type, including paid annual leave, leave at request, paid occasional release and unpaid leave and is in full accordance with Polish law. Independently from integration with HR and payroll system, the system enables automatic calculating and control of leave limit for a given worker. Moreover, eXant HRM provides also a register of replacements which result from leaves and makes their management possible.

Expense management and advances settlement

eXant HRM allows to efficiently manage employee expenses, including registering and acceptance of requests and settlement of advances and business travel costs. The system enables employees to apply requests for both domestic and international expenses. Thanks to an intuitive form integrated with a map, the module automatically calculates the daily expenses allowance and mileage allowance. Moreover, as an option it helps to generate request for advance payment. eXant HRM supports employees in settling travel costs and advances as well.

e-requests directed to HR

Thanks to e-Requests, employees may register different kinds of requests directed to HR department, for example about refund for glasses, change of personal data or a loan. The employee entering the request sets its kind, and then the request is automatically sent by an appropriate process (Workflow) to HR department.

Database of knowledge, requests, documents and regulations

The system allows employees to access document models, health and safety documents and Company's Social Benefits Fund as well as regulations in force. Thanks to this the documents are always up to date, and employees may fill them out on their own and track their history. Moreover, employees are able to generate such HR documents as a certificate of employment or a statement of earnings, which lessens the workload on administrative department.

Open integration with external systems

eXant HRM may be integrated with other business applications, for instance ERP and HR and payroll systems. Thanks to this employees have access to current data from such systems as so-called pay stubs, work time or money transfers. The system is equipped with ready-made solutions to integrate with such solutions asSAP, Oracle EBS, IFS, MS Dynamics, Sage Symfonia, Comarch, TETA.

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